Luminor 40mm

The Luminor 40mm strap section contains 22mm straps that are compatible with most Luminor 40mm Panerai watches. The buckle width on these straps are 20mm. There are four categories within the Luminor 40mm category: Non-deploy, Non-deploy XL, Deploy, and Deploy XL. The non-deploy styles come with your choice of buckle (brushed, polished, or pvd). The deploy style comes with the option of installing a deploy buckle which are available in a brushed, polished, or PVD finish.

Our catalog consists primarily of RIOS1931 straps. These straps are manufactured in Germany using a 50, 70, 140, or 172 step process. They are hand made using the highest quality skins and leather. Each strap is unique meaning the skin pattern or leather patina will differ from strap to strap. was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing high quality Panerai watch straps to consumers at an affordable price. We offer the essential Panerai style bands in leather, rubber, and exotic skin material as well as tools and accessories.

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