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Tanned Leather Watch Band | Cognac | Firenze | For Panerai

Tanned Leather Watch Band | Cognac | Firenze | For Panerai

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The RIOS1931 Firenze is an exceptional aftermarket watch band crafted to the exact OEM specifications for Panerai watches. Each Firenze is constructed from genuine Tanned Leather bark-tanned with a proprietary formula including birch oil. The result is a beautiful leather with water-resistant properties that gives off a mild and pleasant scent of beeswax and tobacco. The RIOS1931 Firenze features a contrast crème stitching and attached removal Panerai style buckle.


Material: Genuine Tanned Leather with Pre-v Buckle Attached.

Strap Length: Available in (R) 115x74mm and (XL) 124x92mm

Seam: Creme-White Stitching, »Art Manuel«

Thickness of Strap: Approximately 4.5mm throughout.

Technical Indication: RIOS1931 watch strap compatible with watches of the brand »Officine Panerai«

Crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany 

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