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Genuine Alligator Watch Band | Mocha | Pisa | For Panerai Deploy

Genuine Alligator Watch Band | Mocha | Pisa | For Panerai Deploy

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The RIOS1931 Pisa Watch Strap is crafted to exact OEM specifications and will seamlessly integrate with your Panerai Deploy Clasp. Each strap is hand-stitched with a Saddler's Seam, a precision stitching that takes a craftsman approximately 40 minutes to complete. The RIOS1931 Pisa is crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany and undergoes a 172 step production process, making each strap a true work of art.


Material: Genuine Alligator Leather in Matte, Fullcut, for Panerai Deploy Clasp

Strap Length: 115x75mm

Seam: Creme-White Stitching, »Saddler's Seam (Hand Seam)«, »Art Manuel« 

Thickness of Strap: Tapering from approximately 4.5mm to 2.0mm.

Technical Indication: RIOS1931 watch strap compatible with watches of the brand »Officine Panerai«

Crafted by RIOS1931 in Germany

Art Mauel Saddlers Seam Watch Straps

RIOS1931 Premium Exotic Watch Straps

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